HERE COMES KEVIN ZDRILL ! Why Today Is The Day You Need To Laugh

By / January 1, 2018

Truly and passionately and sincerely I welcome EVERYONE who is taking right now that fully precious moment out of their busy and chaotic lives to visit me, read about me and poke around on the thoughts I moved from inside my soul into printed paperbacks. Time is precious. Time is limited. So, thank you, for… Read more

No Kiss Good-Night

By / December 29, 2017

Thirty-nine-years-old and all relationship counselor Gus Adams has to show for it is a long list of bad first dates and ten years of heartache. Now, he’s ready to leave his bitterness behind and find the one thing he can’t seem to hold onto: a loving relationship that pushes him over the hurdle and as… Read more

Kevin Zdrill Interview on No Kiss Good-Night from The Lance Simon Fuller

By / December 1, 2017

Local author is happy to kiss and tell Self-published writer talks about inspiration behind Winnipeg-based tale By: Simon Fuller SIMON FULLERKevin Zdrill with a copy of his book No Kiss Good-Night outside the King’s Head Pub in the Exchange District, which is a featured location in the story. When it comes to his first self-published fiction… Read more

Boom Chicka Wah-Wah

By / November 30, 2017

THE SEQUEL TO “NO KISS GOOD-NIGHT”   Six years ago, Mitch walked into Gus’s life and changed it for the better, and that’s all he ever wanted, but she sees things slightly differently. No longer is Gus counseling couples. He’s morphed into a middle-aged debt management counselor with a penchant for exploring the wild side… Read more

Kevin Zdrill Interview and Feature at Frankfurt Book Fair

By / October 30, 2017

Monday, January 1, 2018 Kevin Zdrill’s New Book to Be Featured at Frankfurt Book Fair Gus Adams unleashes his caveman in ‘Boom Chick Wah Wah,’ the sequel to ‘No Kiss Good-Night.’ “More and more men and women are putting off marrying or deciding to have children well into their late 30’s and 40’s,” says Zdrill…. Read more

Crazy Mixed-Up World

By / September 30, 2017

No man (or woman) is an island. They all exist in the vast ocean of humanity, waves crashing into each other until they can’t recognize themselves under the endless sky above. Love, loss, regret and opportunity blend together, unable to separate from each other. In Crazy Mixed-Up World, author Kevin Blaine dives into these characters’… Read more

The Ukrainian In Me

By / August 30, 2017

    Check out the scene acted out by an amazing performer Danis. She kills the scene with her boyfriend from my book. The scene involves some silly playfulness with balloons and the special request from the book’s lead character “Larissa” to perform from the guy on her blind date. A “nice” boy her Baba… Read more

Kevin Zdrill Author Interview on The Ukrainian In Me by Proof Positive

By / August 9, 2017

Author Chat: Kevin Zdrill Posted on July 15, 2015 by Proof Positive Kevin Zdrill’s latest book, The Ukrainian In Me, takes a light-hearted yet honest and heartfelt look at the insecurities, concerns, and utterly hilarious family and social life of an unemployed 30-year-old woman of Ukrainian descent, whose marriage of “nine months, a day and a morning” ended in… Read more

The Jungle Room

By / July 30, 2017

COMING SPRING 2019! SEQUEL TO “CRAZY MIXED-UP WORLD”   Disgraced former L.A.P.D. Officer Don Butler has one goal in mind: scam people out of enough money to afford him a life on the beaches of Costa Rica. But the way life is going for him and his former fashion model girlfriend Alejandra, it doesn’t look… Read more

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